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Our Mission

Success will happen when our customers are successful. we realised this mission by setting the highest standards in our production, services and integrity in the industry. providing the best quality flanges, which made of high quality material such as stainless steel and carbon steel. We highly focus on customer rights and needs, and customer satisfaction is one of our important goals. In order to fulfil our customer needs, we apply highest quality control checks and modern manufacturing facilities in our production lines. We are manufacturing and providing products which matches with the highest international standards, such as ISO and TUV. For more customer satisfaction and trust, we apply product customization in our manufacturing process based on our valuable customers' requirements, so they receive the exact products and services they want.

Our Vision

Arrow Anbao Forging's vision is to increase production quality and quantity, with minimum level of negative effects on nature and living environment. We will increase using green technologies and more recyclable raw materials in our production lines. Making better living environment for future generation is one of our important goals.

Our Values

As a global specialised in manufacturing flanges we set high standards of performance and quality and ethical behaviours. We are judged by how we support our clients and quality of production - our reputation is supported by how we live up, deliver our promises, being supportive to our customers and respect for people and our society safety. The Arrow Anbao Forging business principles, professional team, R&D, wise management and supportive team helps everyone at Arrow Anbao Forging Corp. to gain competitive advantages and remain standstill in this competitive market.