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Long Weldnecks Flanges

Long Weld Necks are shaped like a slip on flange with a piece of pipe already attached but are formed and machined in a one-piece construction. They are often used in vessel manufacturing.


Slip-On Flanges

Slip-on flanges are designed to slide over the outside diameter of the pipe to which it will be welded. These flanges are attached to the pipe by fillet welding at the hub and at the end of the pipe inside the flange.


Welding Neck Flange

This group of flanges is designed with a hub on the backside tapering to a diameter that will match the pipe to which it will be welded. These flanges are bored to match the inside diameter of the mating pipe so there will be no restriction of product flow. 


Lap Joint Flange

Used in conjunction with a "Lap joint Stub End," these flanges are nearly identical to a slip-on flange with the exception of a radius at the intersection of the flange face and the bore to accommodate the flanged portion of the stubbed. 


Threaded Flange

Threaded flanges are threaded in the bore to match an external thread on the pipe. The threads are tapered to create a seal between the flange and pipe as the tapers approach the same diameter. These flanges are normally designed for low pressure, non-cyclic applications. 


Orifice Flanges

Orifice flanges may be provided in one of three types of flanges: Welding Neck, Slip-On and Threaded. Each flange is provided with a pair of pressure taps for measurement of pressure drop in the flow through the orifice plate.

Socket Welding Flange

These flanges are developed for use in small diameter, high pressure lines. Internally welded socket type flanges are typically used in chemical process, hydraulic lines and steam distribution lines. They have a counterbore from the hub side slightly larger than the outside diameter of the pipe.


Blind Flanges

These flanges are manufactured without a bore and used as closures or seals for the ends of piping systems. They are also used to provide access covers for pressure vessels. Blind flanges are provided with or without a hub, depending on customer requirements.

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Blind Spectacle

Spectacle Blinds are generally applied to permanently separating pipe systems, or just to connect with each other. A Spectacle Blind is a steel plate cut into two discs of a certain thickness.


Customized Flange

We accept custom machining and order according to our customer needs. 


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